Discover the Bauhaus in Berlin

GoArt! takes you on exclusive Bauhaus tours! On our way you will discover Berlins architecture and urban development under the influence of Neues Bauen and the Bauhaus movement since the 1920s. Visit the settlements of modernity in Britz, Zehlendorf and Siemensstadt or the Hansaviertel that was built after WWII in the 1950s by Walter Gropius, Max Taut and Oskar Niemeyer shortly before the completion of Kulturforum with Neue Nationalgalerie by Mies van der Rohe and the philharmonic orchestra by Hans Scharoun. Moreover, we organize visits to townhouses in Mitte and other areas for enthusiasts of contemporary architecture influenced by modernity.

Your private guide will gladly show you the Mendelsohn Villa in Charlottenburg or the Corbusierhaus. Additionally, Bauhaus-lovers will find great pleasure in an original interior design of Johannes Itten and in the private home Lemke by Mies featuring a marvellous lake view.


A Trip to Dessau

Come with GoArt! on an excursion to Dessau! Together we visit the newly opened Bauhaus museum as well as original Bauhaus architecture: the modern design was supposed to change and better the living conditions of the people. Discover the model houses of modernism and let restaurant Kornhaus in the North and the settlement Dessau-Törten in the South work their architectural Bauhaus-magic on you. Our guides are specialized in many Bauhaus topics and provide you with a memorable and diversified day trip. Enjoy an exclusive Bauhaus tour with GoArt!

The Founding City

Let’s Go to Weimar!

100 years ago the Bauhaus was founded in Weimar. GoArt! takes you on an exclusive Bauhaus tour to this famous German city. In 1919 Walter Gropius brought the artistic avant-garde to the city among them Lyonel Feininger, Paul Klee, Oskar Schlemmer, Johannes Itten und Wassily Kandinsky. Discover the origins of the Bauhaus and its history on a trip to the Bauhaus Museum in Weimar that opened in April 2019 and private homes such as Haus am Horn and Haus Hohe Pappeln. Villa Silberblick, which was re-designed by Henry Van de Welde today hosts the Nietzsche archive – another possible location to visit on our Weimar tour.

Bauhaus Tour

Form Follows Function

Discover Bernau

Bauhaus architecture and history can be discovered a little outside of Berlin as well: GoArt! takes you on an exclusive Bauhaus tour to Bernau. The Bundesschule of ADGB designed by Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer in May 1930 is a famous Bauhaus building and since 2017 on the UNESCO-world heritage list. On your tour to Dessau you can really dive into the motto of the Bauhaus: form follows function.

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