GoArt! originated from the idea of drawing upon our many years of experience as curators and event managers in the cultural sector and transforming it into a dynamic form of creative and organizational cooperation.

Depending on the scope of the program, we work with a pool of qualified employees. Thanks to quintessentially artsy Berlin, its extraordinary cultural range and our contacts to a multitude of local cultural creators, we are always informed about current trends and the city’s creative scene with a focus on art, design, and food and function as trendsetter in artsy Berlin.


Art is a form of communication and at the same time a conceptual expression whose meaning and nature change depending on the context and the viewer. The tension provoked by this double role grants multiple perspectives on a single work of art, thus offering every spectator the opportunity both for a personal connection and for a lively discussion with others. The participatory quality of art and its function as a mirror of social processes lend it a special ability to heighten our powers of perception.

We seize this potential by rendering creativity visible and mobilizing it in different forms. We connect art lovers with the best of Berlin’s amazing culture and its plethora of talent while promoting Berlin’s international creative scene at the intersection of business and society and fuctioning as trendsetters in artsy Berlin. In this respect, an important aim of GoArt! in our collaboration with companies is social and cultural sustainability through creative and aesthetic modes of expression.

We are looking forward to our conversation and will gladly provide you with further options.