RED Report

“In the capital of Germany, everything gets recycled,
transforming the energy of historically tragic places into parks,
restaurants, art galleries and nightclubs. The only thing that’s
not allowed is forgetting what happened there. These days, it’s
experiencing a renaissance, as demonstrated to me by Berliner Miriam
Bers, an art historian and owner of GoArt, an agency that develops
customized and specific tours for people who want to understand
the city’s art scene.”

RED Report – TAM Nas Nuvens (by Cindy Wilk) Sept., 2012

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Vacation Agent

“GoArt Berlin offers insider tours of Berlin’s high-fashion
shops, design stores and artist’s studios. It also conducts tours
of Jewish Berlin. The proprietor, Miriam Bers, is extremely well
informed when it comes to the contemporary art scene. She customizes
tours and can deal with high-profile, knowledgeable art clients.
She can also gain access to special openings, private collections
and more.”

Vacation Agent Magazine, Aug., 2010

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 IDEAT, Mai, 2014
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“‘Art makes it possible to change the meaning of
places,’ says Miriam Bers of GoArt! Berlin, a company designed to
steer collectors and other art-curious visitors through Berlin’s
plethora of contemporary-art spaces. Bers can also organise studio
visits and direct access to working artists but, as a native Berliner,
she is at her most helpful discussing the relationship between Berlin’s
past and present. We are having lunch at the former Jewish Girls’
School on Auguststrasse, in a hipster-filled café.”

GQ Magazine (by Sophie Hastings), Aug., 2013

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domus, Über Wahrheit und Widerstand
(ein Interview mit Thomas Hirschhorn von Miriam Bers),
Dez. 2015

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Luxury Travel Magazine

“Between Glamour and the gutter. Art historian and
curator Miriam Bers of GoArt! is a great choice – sunny, funny and
informed, she is not afraid to call a spade a bleeding shovel.”

Luxury Travel Magazine Australia (by Robert Bevan), March, 2010

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“Miriam Bers, ancienne galeriste et historienne
de l’art, [et Stefano Gualdi] ont fondé en 2006 l’agence
Go Art ! Berlin, spécialisée dans les visites sur
mesure du Berlin créatif. Ils passent au peigne fin le tissu
urbain pour dénicher les vrais talents et décrypter
les tendances émergentes. Rien ne leur échappe: art
contemporain, design, photographie, mode, cuisine…”

Le Figaro Magazine (par Marie—Angélique Ozanne), 4 Déc.

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H.O.M.E., Kunsthelden in Berlin (von Miriam Bers), Jan. 2016
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"Kultur News. Miriam Bers: mit ihrer Agentur GoArt! 
führt sie Berlin-Reisende an die Orte der Mode und der Kunst..."
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Elite Traveler

Take a gallery tour with an expert guide from GoArt!
Berlin (, explore the local fashion scene in
the Mitte district, tucked away in turn-of-the-century courtyards,
and visit the Boros Collection of contemporary art on Reinhardstrasse”

Elite Traveler, Feb 2015

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